Hip Injections

Hip Injections


Hip Injections


Injections are collagen based / collagen stimulator (meaning it helps the skin rebuild collagen and, thus, improve volume loss). Replaces lost volume in the hip dips.


Local anesthetics are injected in the area 10-20 minutes before the treatment and it is accepted as a comfortable treatment.


Hip Dip derma fillers are collagen stimulants and results improve over time, usually lasting two to five years.


Minimal discomfort. Very slight bruising if any and injection site pain are the most common side effects and generally resolve in a few days.

Price range:

Call for pricing.

Recovery time:

You can walk or ride your bike back to work/home immediately after the treatment. Minimum pain and swelling is expected in first 3 days.


Patients should avoid physical activities and gym for a week, sun exposure, sun beds, tanning for 3 weeks and avoid butt exercises for 6 weeks.

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